My exploration of the figurative form depicts lone female figures, bent and stretched through the defines of perspective, flattened and elongated, in a moment of stillness or captured in movement. Their faces are largely hidden and the narrative remains ambiguous and difficult to read. I like to abstract shapes and colouring but particularly enjoy the development of line to represent the figures. Lines are repeated obsessively over and over, contouring beyond the bounds of the forms, evolving in the process and are a reverberating theme throughout this body of work. They represent past present and future, movement, trails and emotion which surrounds each form. 

Through the exploration of the perspective of the figure I push my limits of knowledge and of understanding and return to draw it over and over again, sometimes within the same piece of work. The lines come and go and I like to play with the flow and tension and experiment with techniques. I am impatient for them to come together quickly and push myself to work a drawing into more than just a fast sketch.

Preferred mediums are coloured pencils, pastels, oil pastels, compressed charcoal and scratching tools to define the linear content on a variety of grounds. Wood is a favourite ground to work on but I also use a variety of papers and make my own gesso boards. My work is exhibited in various shows around the country and sells internationally.

Influences come from the work of Egon Scheile, Alberto Giacometti, Victor Passmore, Henrietta Dubrey, Gary Hume, Jean Dubuffet, Cy Twombly, Henri Matisse, Andrew Pope, Katherine Bradford, Matthew Wong and Luke Hannam.

All pieces are for sale unless otherwise stated.