Mixtape No.2

Online exhibition hosted by Organ Magazine

15 November 7pm

Click here to view

Curated by Cultivate.

I have 5 works selected including four paintings and a self portrait drawing.

‘We like putting these shows together, we said this last time (and the time before), it forces us to look at other people’s art a little more, it makes us explore people just a little more, we’re forced to get to know the artists who make the art just a little more than we probably would. Art excites and I hope that, once again, this show does. It doesn’t really matter about the detail here, it doesn’t matter about the size or if the painting is in oil or the size of the print, not right here, not in terms of this show, for this is on on-line show, everything is flat, everything is the same size. Some of the pieces comes with details, some with just a name, this is deliberate, it is about a flavour and a link  The important thing here is that you react, that you think “oh, she looks like an exciting artist” or “I like what he’s doing, let me hit the link and find out more”. Please please go follow the artist’s social media feeds, get on their mailing lists and maybe see their art for real at some point in the future if you get a chance. This is about connecting things, connecting people, about cross-pollination, about artists coming together to make things happen and about Emma and I shouting, “hey, look at this artist”, I do hope this show is as simple as that. hopefully it really is as simple as that? A Mixtape of art there to be explored. Thank you (sw)

And as this show is called Mixtape, a mixtape of art and artists if you will, there is also a Spotify playlist, 43 or more pieces of music including the work of participating artists, Mikado Koko and Jah Wobble (as part of Public Image Limited as well as his own solo material). We should say R.I.P Keith levene, the PiL guitarist left us a couple of days ago, we also lost Peter A.Leigh, an artist who has featured in quite a number of our group shows and indeed Peter was part of the Mixtape No.1 exhibition last month, this show in a small way is dedicated to Peter.’

Sean Worrall & Emma Harvey