Shut the Windows tornado painting in browns and violets by Claire Cansick

21 June – 21 September 2022

I am thrilled to have two paintings accepted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022, curated by Alison Wilding.

My paintings Not A Drop To Drink and Shut The Windows are accepted and hopefully will make the hang.

Not a Drop was painted of my beloved Kerala after some flooding in 2020. The composition was from a tv news report on the flooding of which I took some photos on my phone. The emotive response to this is represented by my use of colour in the water; my intention is not to beautify a tragedy, more bathe the wounded landscape. Nature cannot help but be beautiful even in times of destruction.

Shut the Windows was painted from a twitter video taken from a window of the tornado which ripped across the landscape narrowly missing the house of the viewer. Dramatic footage made all the more so by the angle of the composition which I painted quickly in order to embrace the sense of the drama.