I am really pleased with this painting and as soon as I saw the photo I knew I could translate it into paint. I am still feeling a pang of guilt about applying this objectivity to images of such weight but that is what the project is and it’s necessary. I have to mentally remove myself form such guilt as I have a tendency to take everything on emotionally, as you may now have gathered. When I research some photos are immediately identified as ‘a painter’ based on my reaction and urgency to get into the studio. I like that I was able to paint a little freer with this one as others have included graphical imagery which is not my favourite and I tend to tighten when I have to attempt it. Natural images allow me to experiment with my brush,

The photo of the fire took on more importance when I read it was adjacent to a nuclear plant in South Korea, I’ve seen wildfires which are inextinguishable for many many miles and I sincerely hope this isn’t one of those, plus I have a relative living in South Korea. I will of course keep a special eye on this story because of that.