I have been working very hard the last two months and have now made 42 paintings with two more in progress.

The final box of panels is primed and ready to go which means it is likely I will end up with 50 paintings. Along the way I have posted paintings which I have since taken out and painted over, some just didn’t sit well within the project as a whole and there are still a couple that might not make it. This is the process of making work, I’m not precious.

I’m now at the stage of thinking about where I can exhibit and have some plans underway, but nothing confirmed as yet. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from anyone interested in exhibiting the project or would like to work with me. Again, I’m not precious about asking for suggestions. You can contact me here.

As things progress I will announce them on Instagram, Mastodon and through my newsletter -subscribe to that here.

Now that the end is in sight I have been reflecting on how it has impacted my life, my painting, what it means to me and if I’ll miss it or be relieved it is over. I’m not sure on some of the answers but I just hope it’ll prove to be of some use or interest somewhere or to someone. Thank you to everyone who has left me messages and comments over the months, they have really worked wonders on keeping me going throughout. Cx