Catching up with painting images for my project reveals that I will probably finish the whole thing around March next year. I have so much work to do, so many images to study, write about and paint as well as the finishing touches which alone will take me a few weeks to complete.

Looking over the wall of paintings I can now look at later ones with a more critical eye. When I am immersed in a painting and for sometime afterwards I find it impossible to be objective about it. Some painting I have made in the past seemed nothing at the time, but later became very important to me, and vice versa. Casting these fresh eyes over the 35 paintings I have decided some of them are not strong enough and have removed a couple. Some sing.

Bearing all this in mind I made a painting of Hurricane Ian raging in Florida this last week which I am proud of. A joy to paint and channeling Félix Valloton, I most enjoy paintings where I can be imaginative in some way when moving away from the photo source.