As I began this project I collected websites to news channels who had a dedicated climate change or weather events page so I could directly see what was happening in mainstream news. These channels consisted of UK and USA news agencies in the main.

I found a website called News Now which had links to news channels from around the world and was updated in real time to news stories being reported. It was invaluable in finding stories that were underreported in mainstream news. Most of these sites used professional films and photos by photo journalists.

Social media provided another source of imagery; first hand videos and photos taken by the public as they witnessed events. These interested me most as their immediacy, chaos and abstracted footage translated an energy sometimes lacking in professional images.

The final source is my own photos taken from real life and my tv screen; when photographing a screen there is often a shift in colour and a blur which I rather enjoyed. This occurred most prominently when recording filmed footage. I have throughout attempted to put some of myself in all the paintings, through my use of colour and brush marks and these random abstractions assisted the representation of myself as witness to reported events.