The wall of climate project paintings is growing.

More slowly than I predicted, but I am not phased, as I have to have time to make other work. In fact the small size of these paintings has had a backlash of compelling me to paint large works with expressive movement which I am enjoying.

I listen to my feelings when being creative; i won’t force anything that I don’t feel like doing that day even if a deadline is approaching. Therefore I can wander in my mind and paint more freely. I know myself, if I make myself painting something I am not in the mood to tackle it will become tight and my aim is alway to be looser. Loose painting is what I admire and when I paint this way the work is often more successful to me.

I am still researching the climate project and collecting images. I have three on the go at the moment. A few have fallen by the wayside lately but that is all part of the process. And there are a couple I intend to go back and possibly repaint or tweak. My objective is to document a year of weather events but I am not expecting to complete it within the year. Making the work will continue into 2023.