Castle Street Bridge


Oil on canvas, Framed in white washed floater frame, ready to hang

60 x 90 x 3 cm

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Castle Street Bridge

Oil on canvas, framed.

60 x 90  x 3 cm

The beast from the east blew in during March 2018 and came in thick and fast. The snow was the first in Norfolk for a few years and it smothered the landscape, coated the wood near my home with a thick layer which weighed down the trees and shrubs. I went out and walked the woods and the track beside it and was amazed at the utterly magical atmosphere it had created.

The landscape was muted and greyed by the falling snow, sounds were muffled and the trees had been thrown into silhouette. I knew I would paint the scenes and this is the sixth image from my photos of that beautiful day. Some pigeons roosted in a tree which lined the railway track and as I crossed the bridge I captured the scene which illustrated beautifully perspective and the soft colour created by the snow.

Painted in oil on canvas with lines scratched into the surface for some details. Neatly painted edges, framed in a white washed wooden floater frame. strung and ready to hang.


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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 3 cm

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