Days Float Through My Eyes


Oil on canvas, framed and ready to hang

90 x 60 x 3 cm

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Days Float Through My Eyes

Oil on canvas, framed

90 x 60 cm

I love to explore the woods around my home county of Norfolk and I am embarking on several works on the subject using a limited palette which includes my two favourite colours, phthalocyanine turquoise and cobalt violet light.

This oil painting on canvas has captured a recurring theme of pathways through the trees, overgrown, grassy, a thickly carpeted forest floor layered with fallen ferns represented with rusts and reds. I have worked from a ground of rich vermillion which carries through the trunks and boughs up into the canopy of the woods and just touches the sky with a blush of pink.

A shadow of a figure exploring the landscape lays in the foreground while a lone Kite circles above. Kites have a personal resonance and entered my awareness at a poignant time in my life. I find their gentle circling across the sky hypnotic and calming. The shamanic interpretation is that the birds remind us to be open, gentle, aware and balanced.

I have begun to experiment with figurative shadows and this is the first painting I have added this element. I wanted to place the human experience within the landscape and also give the scene perspective.

Painted on a standard canvas with neatly painted edges, framed in a dark grey floater frame and ready to hang.

95 x 65 framed measurements.

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Dimensions 90 × 60 × 3 cm