Gunton Assembly


oil on braced wood panel, float framed in white.

84 x 59 x 3cm

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Gunton Assembly

oil on wood

84 x 59cm

Gunton Assembly is of the grounds of the Gunton Estate in Norfolk which is populated by many wonderful sculptures by world renowned artists.

Included in this composition are works by Anthony Caro in the foreground, Sol Le Witt pyramid and an Antony Gormley figure- the Gormley is no longer in this position which was on the horizon on the south side of the grounds up until 2020.
I painted the view after a stay at the Gunton Arms January 2020, when we took a walk around the grounds when dusk was setting in and bathing everything in a glorious pink light.
Using a slight tilt of persepctive with a high horizon gives a map like feel to the composition. I have been painting other work from drone photos and have enjoyed using the bird’s eye view and this is seeping into my other work.
Painted using a four colour palette on a braced birch wood panel.

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Dimensions 84 × 59 × 3 cm

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