I Can See The Sea

oil on a braced birch wood panel

76 x 50.5 x 2.5cm

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oil on wood

76 x 50.5 x 2.5cm

I have always wanted to paint the sea, having lived on the coast as a child and being keen swimmer, but struggled to find my own perspective and idea of how to paint it. I really hate bad sea paintings made with cerulean blue, they are a pet hate of mine. The sea where I live is not blue! It is green and silty.

A friend posted an incredible photo of the sea, taken by going in up to his neck with his iphone and it was this photo which inspired this painting ( thank you Michael) and my subsequent fascination with photographing waves using a waterproof camera.

To date this is the only sea painting I have made, but I have several drawings. I am trying to solve all technical issues with painting the subject before embarking on large sea pantings. Watch this space.

This painting has a very soft lilac sky, with corresponding highlights on the waves. I added a distant tanker as this sight is synonymous with swimming in the North Sea, there are always large ships on the horizon, and having grown up in Great Yarmouth I hold a strong interest and love of working ships and boats.

Painted on a braced birch wood panel with bare wood edges. The painting is unframed and can be hung without a frame.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 76 × 50.5 × 2.5 cm