Neowise Descending


oil on canvas

41 x 30.5cm

Painted edges, ready to hang

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Neowise Descending

oil on canvas

41 x 30.5 cm

I painted Neowise Descending during lockdown of 2020 when images came flooding in of the comet Neowise tearing across the sky. It’s presence that year felt like a poignant symbol of our place in the universe and it served as a reminder to me not to retain a sense of perspective throughout the pandemic. The night sky holds a power to act as a mind cleanser, rooting me to reality and keeping my mind expansive and open. This in turn helps me with creativity.

Painted in four colours, I thickly applied paint to give texture to the landscape in the foreground while the comet is painted using a soft brush of light onto the dark sky. The majority of stars are painted individually, some are pale yellow, some are pale pink.

Unframed but with neatly painted edges ready to hang.

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