Rainmaker I


Oil on wood panel

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Rainmaker I

Oil on wood panel

26 x 36 cm

Rainmaker I – a lane through the woods inspired me to paint monochromatically to emulate the dramatic light during this evening stroll in Norfolk. It was painted after a storm had passed and the lane was pitted with puddles, and I decided to shape my own pool of water into a silhouette of a figure, transporting a landscape into something more mysterious while adding a human experience and sense of place to the artwork.

Using cobalt violet and manganese blue I responded to the scene with a muted palette to keep it relatively monochrome to enhance the play of light and scratched into the paint for the finer detail.

Painted on a wood panel, finished with Gamvar picture varnish and signed on the back. Wood panels are easy to frame and any professional framer in your local area would be able to advise you on this, to your own taste.

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