Rainmaker II


Oil on wood panel

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Rainmaker II

Oil on wood panel

30.5 x 40 cm

A small oil sketch inspired by dramatic sunlight and reflections after a storm one spring day in the woods. I’ve used a looser style in this work, working quickly in response to the Norfolk woodland scene with broader brushstrokes and scratching into the wet paint for the finer details. Working back to a burnt sienna ground has created a richness of colour as it peeks through the surface layers of paint.

I have used a limited palette of burnt sienna, cobalt violet, naples yellow and prussian blue. The dark shadows are a rich mix of the deeper colours.

I am fascinated with trails and pathways which cut through the woods, carving the landscape in two and exposing the trunks and silhouette of trees to a triangle of open sky, pointing the way.

Painted on a wood panel, finished with Gamvar picture varnish and signed on the back, the painting is unframed. Wood panels are easy to frame and any professional framer would be able to advise you on this.

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Dimensions 30.5 × 40 × 0.5 cm

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