Stand Before The Beast

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Oil on paper

42 x 30 cm

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Stand Before The Beast

Oil on painting paper

42 x 30 cm

Stand Before The Beast is a monochromatic painting of a forest scene in silhouette against a bright winter sky with a mysterious shadow of a figure cast on the trees. Inspired by a flurry of snow in the week before the Beast from the East I went out into a vast wood in Norfolk at Thetford. The open spaces, bright sunlight and long winter shadows of that day all inspired this painting.

I have been adding figurative shadows to some landscape paintings to add the human experience and sense of place while giving perspective- although I always like to push the laws of perspective.

My exploration of violet continues in this work and the colour dominates the darks in this loosely painted oil sketch on paper, whereas the highlights are of the palest blue. One of two.
The painting is finished with satin Gamvar picture varnish.

Unmounted, unframed. Posted flat, lovingly wrapped in acid free tissue paper, bubblewrap and double layered strong cardboard. Paper can be easily framed and oil on painting paper is suitable to go behind glass.

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