Sun Blasts Your Shadow


Pastel, ink and pencil on gesso board, framed and ready to hang.

50 x 40 x 3 cm

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Sun Blasts Your Shadow

Pastel, ink and pencil on gesso board

50 x 40  x 3 cm

Sun Blasts Your Shadow is an experimental developed drawing on a handmade gesso board depicting a forest track in purples, rusts and greens with a large shadow of a figure in the foreground. Layers of pastel and pencil have created a multi layered and richly coloured image. I am experimenting with shadows in the woods and this is the first piece I have used them together. It puts the viewer in the scene and enhances the human experience of sense of place.

I have used purple as the base colour which infiltrates through the pastel and is warm and close to magenta.

Gesso is a fine french plaster which is made from whiting and rabbit skin glue, warmed and painted in layers onto a braced board – the process is messy but worth the effort because I can distress or manipulate the surface if I wish. In this case I did leave some brush marks on the surface as they added to the texture of the drawing. The surface of the gesso is lightly sanded and polished and is highly absorbent, soft and smooth, lovely to draw and paint on and can be scratched into and rubbed back. It is strong and will not crack over time but will deteriorate if exposed to water.

Framed in a charcoal grey wooden box frame ready to hang.

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