The Poacher’s Track


Oil on canvas, framed and ready to hang

54.5 x 80 x 4 cm

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The Poacher’s Track

Oil on canvas

54.5 x 80 x 4 cm framed.

The Poacher’s Track was painted after a visit to a favourite woodland in Norfolk that inspires me. The wood at Hevingham has a diverse natural landscape with both managed and wild parts, tall ferns and grasses, deciduous and evergreen trees, rabbits and birds of prey. Criss-crossing the landscape are wide pathways, some are well worn and others are choked with long grass and lead into the wilder parts of the woods.

In this painting I have captured one of these wild paths with its long grasses giving over to the autumn palette. Lined with a mixture of trees the pathway recedes into a soft mist which hung over the woods that day and in the distance two figures also disappear into the fog.

My concern when painting the woods was to capture the essence and atmosphere whilst limiting the palette to 5 colours, which has been a recurring theme in my work of the last year. Using my two favourite colours of phthalocyanine turquoise and cobalt violet light in the latest landscape paintings has created a naturally coherent body of woodland paintings all exploring colour and atmospherics.

Framed in a perfectly matched French grey wooden floater frame, ready to hang.

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