Wish I Was Here


oil on canvases, triptych

122 x 229 x 4cm


A large triptych of me floating in the North Sea, something I do at least once a week, taking photos with a waterproof camera. I love to float on the waves after my swim letting the cold water swill me around, feeling its energy and power. My photos often capture extraordinary distortions of which this painting is a celebration of.

I wanted to convey the joy I feel while bobbing in the sea. Photos are used as an initial source and at a certain inexplicable moment I discard the photos and go with the paint upon the surface, letting it dictate the direction and colours of the painting.

Painted over three canvases which join to make the whole. Neatly painted white edges.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 122 × 229 × 4 cm