About Me


I  paint emotive landscapes and figures which I exhibit around the UK.  Please scroll down for more information about my history, inspiration, techniques and influences.

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries, prices, commission requests or with any comments you’d like to make via the contact form. I’m more than happy to have an informal chat or answer any questions you may have. Works for sale are listed on my online shop and all have free postage within the UK.

I regularly post on twitter and instagram but do not have a facebook page. Click on the icons below to view my social media profiles.

Rise Art’s Rebecca Gordon says:

“I particularly like Claire Cansick’s female figure series. Her play with perspective and linear quality of drawing result in isolated, otherworldly female giants. They remind me of the work of Egon Scheile.”

The Insider Adriana Marques says:

“Claire’s stylised take on our natural and human world creates beautiful compositions that lure us in. The dappled light in her forest scenes appears tangible and seductive, while her towering female figures provide another eerie perspective on the familar.”

Have look at this interview I gave in February 2018 for lovely fellow artist Claire Leach to learn more about what inspires me #clairesunite

More info

A former student of Gt.Yarmouth School of Art, UCE and NUA I ended my education with a BA in Printmaking 1996, after which my work turned towards drawing and developing my oil painting skills, which are largely self taught through my own experimentation. Oil paint remains my medium of choice and the challenge of getting it to work for me is endlessly fascinating.

After working as a Gallery Manager for several years I decided to paint full time. My work is separated into two distinct subjects – looking outward into the landscape and inward towards the self, although lately the two have begun to merge. My paintings are concerned with exploring colour, atmosphere and emotional interaction. Life drawing sparked my love for technical challenges, one that I still explore over again by pushing perspective in my figure work and colour within the landscape.

I love to experiment with different surfaces and particularly enjoy painting on wood and making my own gesso boards.

I am a proud member of The Arborealists who exhibit all around the UK and Europe. The Arborealists were formed in 2013, the brain-child of curator and artist Tim Craven after the critical success of Under the Green Wood : Picturing the British Tree, an exhibition he co-curated with Steve Marshall and Professor Anne Anderson at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington, Hampshire. The exhibition showcased a great diversity of art practice, including scale, medium, style and philosophy, centred around the unifying subject of the tree. The group continues to move forward based on this philosophy with alliances with The Forestry Commission and The Woodland Trust and with many projects forthcoming and developing for the future and I am immensely grateful for their support and intellect, experience and enthusiasm. I am excited to be involved with several exhibitions around the UK and Europe with The Arborealists all are detailed on my exhibitions page.

I have sold my work worldwide and available work is listed on the shop page.

My artistic influences include Victor Passmore, Cy Twombly, David Hockney, Gary Hume, Tracy Emin, Ben Nicholson, Yves Klein, Katherine Bradford, George Shaw, Mark Rothko, Egon Schiele, Susan Rothenberg, Edvard Munch, Sandro Botticelli, Alfred Wallis, Antony Gormley, Milton Avery, Billy Childish,  John McAllister, Ken Kiff, Max Sekel, Daniel Heidkamp, Peter Doig, Felix Vallotton, Henrietta Dubrey, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Ishii Nobuo, Tom Hammick and Alberto Giacometti amongst many others.