Painting of a small child standing in a wood of autumn colours, an old shack off to the right.

Claire’s work is associated with with a specific use of colour in paintings of nature’s dynamism and humanity’s imprint on the landscape.  A member of The Arborealists trees are recurring subject matter alongside recording natural phenomenon. Her paintings demand our respect for nature through exploration of its beauty and untameable ferocity.

‘Claire’s stylised take on our natural and human world creates beautiful compositions that lure us in. The dappled light in her forest scenes appears tangible and seductive.’  Adriana Marques


b Gt Yarmouth 1971

Gt.Yarmouth School of Art 1991

Norwich University of the Arts 1996

Gallery Manager 2014 – 2017

Rise Art |The Arborealists |Contemporary & Country |Chappel Galleries |Milsome Art + Prints |East Anglia Art Fund |ArtCan (Alumni)

Interview 2018 by Claire Leach

Idai Drawing - pastel on paper by Claire Cansick