About Me 


I am inspired by my immediate surroundings, poignant memories and current affairs where I like to explore recessive colour to create mood and ambience. 

I am a self taught painter and find the endless possibilities of oil paint a challenge which in turn motivates experimentation upon the surface. It is a real workout for the mind. I always paint using a limited palette of only three or four colours, inverting colour to attempt to convey my mindset yet always striving to retain equilibrium.  I work from photos and drawings as source material and there is a point when the painting takes over and I go with what’s happening on the surface.

Nature is the only consistent running theme in my paintings as I work in a non formulaic way generally not repeating images but maybe loosely repeating ideas or colours.

Motivation to create comes from a desire to relate to others on a deeper level, something I can’t seem to put into words as I’m quite an introvert and I have been told my lone figures that sometimes enter my landscapes express that.

I have been a member of The Arborealists since 2017 and exhibit with them regularly.

I am also an ArtCan member artist and participate in their exhibition programme.

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Have look at this interview I gave in February 2018 for lovely fellow artist Claire Leach to learn more about what inspires me #clairesunite

The Insider Adriana Marques says:

“Claire’s stylised take on our natural and human world creates beautiful compositions that lure us in. The dappled light in her forest scenes appears tangible and seductive, while her towering female figures provide another eerie perspective on the familiar.”


Rise Art’s Head Curator Rebecca Gordon says:

“I particularly like Claire Cansick’s female figure series. Her play with perspective and linear quality of drawing result in isolated, otherworldly female giants. They remind me of the work of Egon Scheile.”

More info

Gt.Yarmouth School of Art 1991

Norwich University of the Arts BA Printmaking 1996

Riverside Art & Glass Gallery Manager 2014-2017

Rise Art Featured Artist 2011- present

The Arborealists Member

ArtCan Member



Artistic Influences:  Victor Pasmore, Cy Twombly, David Hockney, Gary Hume, Tracy Emin, Ben Nicholson, Yves Klein, Katherine Bradford, George Shaw, Mark Rothko, Egon Schiele, Susan Rothenberg, Edvard Munch, Sandro Botticelli, Alfred Wallis, Antony Gormley, Milton Avery, Billy Childish,  John McAllister, Ken Kiff, Max Seckel, Daniel Heidkamp, Peter Doig, Felix Vallotton, Kim Dorland, Matthew Wong, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Ishii Nobuo, Tom Hammick and Alberto Giacometti.