Styling With Art by Mandy Poernig 5th April 2016 includes a review of my landscape paintings.

‘Cansick’s work in one word has to be charming. Fascinated by nature, her atmospheric landscapes explore the striking scenery that sits right on her doorstep. Her woodland impressions use light and colour to draw the viewer’s eye into the painting. Cansick’s landscape series in particular was one of her first forays into experimenting with colour, moving away from a muted palette as a way of better highlighting nature’s abundant greens.’



By drawing and photographing my surrounding area I became interested in making portraits of the trees.

My exploration of the landscape is largely concerned with colour. I love to play with the intensity and contrast and explore colour perspective by using compositional elements and painting recessive colours. My aim is to capture the essence of woodland and the personality of each tree, by concentrating on the textures, negative space and silhouettes. Painting landscapes offers me a test in the complexity of colour, shape, light and texture which I enjoy solving.

My initial drawings remain important throughout the painting process and they are the beginning of abstraction of shape and compositional development. My attention is drawn to the linear content and the skeletal silhouette on the page. My landscapes have developed into painterly images of the woods around the county of Norfolk, which is full of them, and of individual trees within open landscapes using heightened colour and a limited palette. My skills in oil painting have been largely self taught through my own practice and experimentation.

Rise Art curator says, ‘Claire’s vacant, poetic landscapes are inspired by her Norfolk heritage. With a subtle use of colour and brush work, she captures the sunlight beautifully, making these works the perfect way to bring nature indoors.’

The Arborealists

I am a member of The Arborealists a highly esteemed artist group with focus on the tree as subject matter and will be exhibiting landscape paintings with the group around the country starting in 2018. Please go to the exhibitions page for dates and locations.



I am happy to consider landscape commission requests. I can work from photos of your favourite landscape to create an artwork in oil or pastel on paper, canvas or wood. Contact me with any questions,  commission requests or for an informal chat about the process, with no obligation.


All works in the picture gallery below are for sale unless otherwise stated. Please visit my online shop  for prices, sizes and medium or contact me if unlisted on the shop.