I feel great freedom when drawing in my sketch book, letting my mind wander or capturing folk on the street. The importance of drawing can not be underestimated as it is the default artistic medium for me and strongly influences the way I paint; I strive to retain the linear and expressive qualities as in my drawing style.

I like to use soft pencils, ink, chalk, charcoal, Wolffs carbon and sometimes will cover a drawing in another medium such as oil paint or ink to knock the image back, leaving ghost lines. Preferred choice of grounds includes wood panels, paper, gesso boards and card as I enjoy the feel of a hard ground.

A common theme in my figure drawings is the repetition of line, often translated by viewers as concentric rings or finger prints, as they echo the line of the body over and over, morphing as they go. For me they are a simple love of figure drawing, a meditative experience, an obsession of the line. This obsession translates into figure paintings where I  scratch or draw lines into the paint surrounding the figures or directly paints the lines with the brush.

My landscape drawings are made plein air and are used as a starting point for paintings and concentrate on silhouettes and depth of field.

All drawings are for sale unless stated otherwise. Please go to my online shop for details and prices.