All paintings included in the climate project You And I Are Earth are for sale.

Oil on birch ply panel

30 x 40cm

£800 each

If you would like to buy a painting from the project please contact me to arrange the sale but first read the caveat below! ***

Some of the paintings in the project are sold so please enquire availability (with no obligation of course). Limited Edition Prints are also available from my shop. 10% of all sales related to the project will be donated to Greenpeace.

***Plans are underway to exhibit the project in its entirety which currently culminate in April 2024,  therefore any painting purchased from the project won’t be received by the buyer until at least early May 2024 once the exhibitions are completed. I will keep each buyer fully informed on all exhibition dates and supply a buyers agreement both digitally and physically in lieu of receiving the painting. Any purchased painting will be marked as sold during all exhibitions.***

Postage costs apply and will be individually arranged once the paintings are released to buyers.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have – contact me