Starting work is such an exciting moment, grasping the idea before it withers away I have to begin immediately, sometimes leaping up from the chair and rushing to the studio. Note taking doesn’t work for me, they languish unfulfilled and often make no sense when I return to them.
Today I started three paintings.( one above)

I am still painting shadow selfies cast on waves and have written some rather deep self analysis about them which I am too scared to make public. So I’ll just keep painting them and let the viewer work out the rest, unless I brave the publish button one day.

When launching into a deep dive into my work like this, I would dearly love to talk to another artist about it. Social media is too flippant, sycophantic and exposing. A cosy booth in a pub, three pints in would suffice. This is something I lack in my real life I am sorry to say, an artist to really talk to about this stuff in relation to making art about it.
That isn’t an invitation, I’m very picky about who I let in. 

For this painting I have used a mix of Old Holland Blue Deep and Micheal Harding Indian Yellow Red. The blue is a relatively new addition but it works perfectly with my palette and I have ordered a massive tube.