I’ve been in a transient state with my work since 2018. Moving out of a period of making a specific thing and speaking in a certain voice is always difficult because of the parameters we unwittingly set ourselves. Creativity should feel awkward and scary, never safe, and it had become just that and was making me feel unsatisfied.

I am past painting those moments when something in the every day strikes you as glorious, even though I am still having those moments. I want more from painting than being bound by one moment, or bound by a photograph of it. 

An inexplicable attraction to violent natural events is where I’m going. I am fiery at times and that’s where my passion and true feeling lies. I love to see it happen in nature, it gives me enormous swells of energy and adrenalin. I’m not an adrenalin junkie or anything, getting into the North Sea in winter is as dangerous as I get. I’m a grandmother, mother and middle aged stay at home tea-totaller watching Eastenders the rest of the time. But inside there is such a scramble of thoughts, such a boundless need to learn,  express and draw that through watching these powerful events and relaying my response on to a surface is how it is manifesting, and along with it is some of myself.