Three Boys Norfolk by Claire Cansick

I am honoured that my painting Three Boys has been used for the cover of To Call Out Into The Night an extraordinary recording by Roy Claire Potter and Park Jiha. Please read the press release below.

Many thanks to Roy, Jiha,  Abby and all at Cafe Oto. Cx

Cafe Oto

‘Coming next on Otoroku, we are delighted to release the full recording of one of the most engaging and beguiling Late Junction live sessions we’ve ever heard – the one off first meeting between Korean multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha and writer and performer Roy Claire Potter.

Park Jiha plays the saenghwang, a Korean mouth organ which she blows in long multiphonics to set pace for Potter’s words.
Together they unfurl a scene slowly in front of you, rich and focused, shifting your field of vision and drawing you in, elsewhere. It’s impossible not to follow, not to look for where they point. When the piri sounds for a flooded town on the B side, the water flows between your own feet; Potter’s words a sometimes frightening hörspiel in scouse.

Though the details are fine, the space each artist gives one another and their instruments, their language, is given to the listener in turn. A careful melody picks out a route for words with no fixed meaning, a body with no fixed direction, and we are invited to listen and see a kind of music made visible in its inference. A truly very special record we are very proud to share.

Both CD and LP include a written response to the record by Frances Morgan.’