You And I Are Earth is the new title for my climate project 2022. The previous title was a practical description which explained my idea but I never intended it to be kept and always thought something would come my way which described my sentiments at some point.

The title is taken from an inscribed plate, exhibited in the Welcome Collection, which was found in a London sewer and is dated 1661. This plays exactly into my instinctive feelings about what is happening to nature and the climate; my ideas aren’t new, we do not exist in nature but we are nature, from whence we came we shall return, we cannot shy away from the truth.

Deep huh? Hippy eh? Yes indeed. Adding a poignant title makes me very happy, it makes my point without me waffling around the subject. Phew.

As an aside I have decided to engage less with Instagram and of course Twitter. The algorithm of the first and fascist owner of the second has killed social media for me. It is a massive shame as painting can be a very lonely introspective world and the friends, connections and opportunities I have found there have been valuable. But as I am not prepared to play a game or bow to a narcissistic billionaire I am off. I am on Mastodon. And with a name like mine it shouldn’t be too hard to find me there if you want to. Cx