Dreaming Something Somewhere


oil on wood

91 x 61 cm

framed in natural wood

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Dreaming Something Somewhere

oil on wood

91 x 61cm

Dreaming Something Somewhere was painted over an old failed painting. There is something I love about doing this and it is the looseness I achieve as I am way less precious about the results. A new white canvas or panel can be nerve-racking to approach. The underpainting was mainly red and I used it to my advantage painting in thin layers to allow it ti come through in places. I used the same four colour palette I have used for the last five years, making a subdued restful painting hopefully.

Painting on wood is one of my favourite things as I am able to introduce an element of drawing, lines which would be painstaking to paint are easily achieved by scratching into the wet oil. I have extensively played with this in the finer tree branches which was immensely satisfying.

Dreaming Something Somewhere was painted during lockdown 2021 when the very first blackthorn blossom broke in Spring and alleviated some of the angst of winter.

The wood panel is professionally framed in simple natural wood frame.


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