Volcano V Drawing unframed


charcoal on Langton watercolour paper

29 x 42 cm


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Volcano V Drawing

charcoal on paper, unframed

29 x 42 cm

I made Volcano V drawing from a photo I took of a news report on the eruption in La Palma.

I have been collecting images from the tv for many years and have been using them in increasing numbers over the last 3 years to inform paintings and drawings. The footage was taken by a drone flying over the eruption which occurred along the Cumbre Vieja ridge in the Canary Islands 2021.

This was made using loosely applied charcoal and manipulating it with water, adding details last, on Langton cold pressed watercolour paper 300gsm. Unframed. Photo in frame is for illustration only.


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Dimensions 29 × 42 cm