Come To Me I’ll Take Care Of You


oil on canvases- diptych

304 x 92 x 4cm



Come To Me I’ll Take Care Of You

oil on canvases


304 x 92 x 4cm

Painted from an amalgamation of my own photos taken while swimming in the North Sea. I strive to take photos of waves swelling and moving across the sea and I want to make paintings that explore that experience, while telling of my love and respect for it.

The North Sea is very green once you’re in it and the coastal sky is so often blanket clouds of greyish purple, both of which informed my colour choices. My lurking shadow is cast over the surface and has a seaweed heart. Pink seaweed is a common sight in the place I swim and I love its feathery branches and colour. Distant ships on the horizon are also a very common sight and are something I have a great affinity with, having grown up in the sea port of Great Yarmouth.

Painted over two canvases making a diptych, with each canvas measuring 152 x 92cm.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 304 × 92 × 4 cm