To Applehayes


oil on birch wood panel, framed in white floater frame.

42 x 59cm


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To Applehayes

oil on wood

42 x 59 cm


To Applehayes was painted as part of an exhibition project curated by Tim Craven, the founder of The Arborealists. Tim devised an exhibition of contemporary works which responded to work made in the 1900s by The Camden Group, who travelled t Devon and painted the Blackdown Hills.

Each contemporary artist was allocated a painting by one of the Camden Group and was asked to visit the area and make their own work according to the modern day view. My painting was Applehayes by Charles Ginner – Applehayes is a farm and he had painted the view from the farmhouse window. As I was unable to access the farmhouse I painted it nestled in the trees and hills of the incredibale are of outstanding natural beauty. It was my pleasure.

I painted two works, one of which is now sold, this being the first. Painted quickly in response to the early autumnal colour of the valley, I then worked in more detail of the trees and barn.

Oil on a birch wood panel, framed in an off white wooden frame.

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