How’s It Going?


oil on birch wood panel

42 x 59cm


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How’s It Going?

oil on wood

42 x 59 x 2.5cm


After my project in 2022 I carried on collecting images from the news, intending to carry on painting in the same vein. Then along came the sea and I’ve been neck deep in that ever since. But in the background lay this image from the Canadian fires earlier in the year, which has been burning in the back of my skull ever since. 18.4 million hectares burnt so far in Canada just this year.

How’s It Going? refers to my return to the subject with a sarcastic title meant to draw attention to the fact that nothing has changed.
The painting was made using my tight palette of four colours and while it began in reference to a photo, after an initial mapping out of the composition I let the source material go and let the paint on the surface take over.

Oil on a braced birch wood panel, 2.5 cm deep with clean bare wood edges, ready to hang.

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Dimensions 42 × 59 × 2.5 cm