Little Fluffy Clouds


oil on deep edged canvas

120 x 76 cm

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Little Fluffy Clouds

oil on canvas

120 x 75 cm

I made this painting during the first lockdown of 2020 when my daily walks took me to the river near my house. It was a privilege to have this beautiful place to walk to and I enjoyed observing it through different conditions. Often the water was like a mirror reflecting the sky and on this particular day the sky was dotted with pink cotton wool clouds during early sunset and I was inspired to paint. A girl paddles in the water giving her brother a piggy back.

I used a limited palette of only four colours when making the work and used a Loxley Gold deep edged canvas, which have been neatly finished in darkest green so the painting does not necessarily need framing.

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Dimensions 120 × 76 × 4 cm